Behind the Scenes.



Behind the scenes at one of our photoshoots is a little bit chaos, a little bit showtime, in addition to a little bit humor, and a whole lot brotherly love. 

Our guys really go the extra mile to make things happen.

Props are important to what we do and everyone has a job when we're on location.  If we're camping, all of the gear travels with us.  The first night is for us to enjoy.  But when the sun comes up, it's time to get to work.

No two photoshoots are the same.  We have a few favorite spots but we try to make sure we show you a little bit of what we see from a different perspective each time we venture out and go exploring.

We keep our images black and white.  We turn back the clock a little to remind you that quality is everything, your word is important, and that there is something to be said for things that are well-made but still a little "rough around the edges".

We'll be building a gallery in the near future to show "before and after" shots - as well as to show you a few of the really cool vintage items we've collected that appear in our shots.



We couldn't do what we do if our guys didn't get a little sprucing up on a regular basis.

We're fortunate that they are well taken care of by Talon Woodenlegs with Jake's Salon in Bellingham.  Talon gives each of our guys a great start by cutting their hair, styling it, and touching it up when needed.

Talon does this out of the goodness of his heart and we couldn't be more grateful.


Our Vintage Coffee Bar


It's over 500 pounds. 

It has traveled over 4,000 miles and has appeared at over 50 events.

It's our coffee bar and when people see it, they know that the Best Boys have arrived.  We built our coffee bar of re-purposed wood, including two logs from a customer, and several scraps from a hardwood floor.

You'll occasionally find the bar decked out with Sitka Spruce that we collect on our adventures.  We go the extra mile when we can - and it's easy to find branches while we're visiting Mount Baker.

The bar, and our guys, are all available for special events and charity functions.  Please contact us and let us know what you have in the works and how you'd like us to fit in. 

The only way to have our coffee by the cup is to have it at an event.  And we can't do enough of them.

*We are fortunate to partner with Tatoosh Distillery.  At select events, we offer our two Signature Best Boys and Bourbon Drinks - both cold brew and frozen.


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