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Our guys are kind of a big deal.


We're so much more than great coffee and amazing treats.

We're about a lifestyle change.  Ours.

We make a big deal about our guys because they deserve it.  They've beaten the odds.  They've overcome adversity.  Our guys have weathered more than a storm or two.  All of them have seen their share of life's challenges. 

And all of them have decided to make a change for a better future.

You'll find our guys are featured on everything.  Coffee labels, shipping labels, banners, even the sign on our office door all feature watermarks of our guys.  Why do we do this?  Well, we're kinda proud of them.  Big time.

These guys earn their keep.  They work hard, play hard (if only you could see our photo shoots behind the scenes), and they have a winning attitude.  They get the job done and they do it all with a smile.

Come out to one of our events and meet the Best Boys in the Coffee business.  We guarantee you won't forget them. 

And feel free to ask for their story.  Everyone one of them has one.  And they'd love to share it.

Premium quality products.


Organic.   Fair trade.  Fresh.


We're big on quality.  When you build a company like ours, your word, quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction are the measure of success.

We don't cut corners and we never will.

We strive for the "Wow" factor in everything we do.  From our vintage coffee bar to our signature frozen drinks (crafted with Tatoosh Bourbon), we want to be sure you love what we offer.

We've partnered with the best in the business and we only use products that are the best in their field.  From Ghirardelli Chocolate to Torani Syrup, we've carefully selected ingredients that result in a premium product experience. 

We're proud of that.

We guarantee you'll love our products...  or we'll buy them back.  We think that's a fair deal.


Celebrating the very best of the Pacific Northwest in everything we do.



We're a little bit weathered with a touch of vintage.


We're a little "rough around the edges". 

And we like it that way.

So, we decided that everything in the company should be as well.

As people who've bonded over a love of camping, campfires, the great outdoors, and road trips, you'll find a lot of things of days gone by in both our branding and our merchandising.

We celebrate a time long gone - because it was a time when your word was everything, quality was found in everything that was made, and no two things were alike.

The same thing can be said about us.

Wethink of ourselves as "perfectly imperfect" and it seems to fit.


Seasonal Gourmet Offerings


We're all about quality...

We believe that everything we make should be fresh, from organic ingredients, and reflect the flavor of the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you take our Barbecue sauce to your campsite, hike with a tin full of our Cranberry Pistachio White Chocolate Bites, or keep our Garden Pico de Gallo Sauce with your chips during the game, we guarantee you'll love what we create.

We custom make everything in small batches.  And all of our products can be custom labeled and packaged in small containers so you may offer them as gifts to your guests.

Our miniature sizes are great for weddings and to commemorate special events.

Get in touch and tell us about your event.  We'll make sure your guests go home with a gift that reflects the Very Best of the Pacific Northwest.

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Gourmet Foods - with a story.

Enjoy at home or give the perfect gift... one with a story...  ours.

Mason jars, wooden crates, and vintage tins are just a few of the things we offer on a rotational basis throughout the year.

When you share a gift from Best Boys, you share our story.   We share our story, too, and with each gift we ship, we'll include the story of one of our guys...  Who they are today, where they came from, and what they're passionate about in life.

You'll get a little glimpse into the guys who are the brand.

In addition to the premium gourmet food selections we offer, we'll ship a container you can keep, complete with the watermark of one of our guys, and you'll own something that is part of a brand with a mission statement to make a difference in the world.

Shop our online store and help us pay it forward.


Campfire Inspired.  Backpack Ready.

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Premium Coffee & Provisions


...from the guys with a story.


Everyone has a familiar face.




We use our guys in all of our branding.  Think about it, what could be cooler than having your face as the watermark on a bag of coffee?

You'll find our guys on our coffee, our signage, and even on our business cards.

We all work shoulder-to-shoulder to make things work.  And in our company, EVERYONE is a kind of a big deal.